The Rise and Fall of Hipster Dave, Part Four

Since our last encounter, periodically I received late-night text messages from Hipster Dave. Tuesday night I decided I had had enough.

D: Hey its dave…just got done playin a show and wonderin if u wanted to grab a drink

G: Im sry but this is getting ridic. do you actually think id fuck you again? you just lie there, useless. dont think you even like women. at least not vaginas.

D: Ok. wow. Well i thought our first time was fun. Sorry about haloween i had more to drink then planned…it was holloween. but yes i am surprised…specifically that we didnt give it another go… i mean u did call me the perfect hipster. but sorry u feel that way. Let me know if u change ur mind.

D: Also a simple im not interested is fine too…cuz i had no idea.

G: Never have i ever had a guy not touch me. a simple im not intrstd wouldnt have sufficed. as a consolation prize, the link to my blog:

G: I did think you had the perfect hipster body

D: Sounds like a problem that could be fixed with a little communication…other than that i got nothin else to say

G: You mean my explicitly verbally and physically asking you to do things and your blatantly ignoring my requests. dont blame me for your laziness. incompetence would be a charitable attribution. read my blog.

D: Ok well i do apologize for the state i was in that night…i thought our first night might warrant another try. Apparently i was wrong. too bad

Am I a huge bitch?

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