Levels of Sexual Abstraction

Tonight I had an extremely informative and enlightening conversation on a topic, which I have thought about extensively but, apparently, not through this male-centric perspective.

Cum-shot pornography: That was the topic on hand.


Two things that I had never considered:


1) The purpose of cumming on a woman from a heterosexual-perspective on pornographic utility. Obviously, as a male, when you are watching pornography, you wish to see some type of resolutions, a culmination of sorts, for which lack to complete might connote a general failure to follow though. Sexual blue balls. When I watch porn, for serious, all I want to see is the cum. It is the reassurance, of sorts, to those who need constant sexual affirmation. It substitutes for the sex follow-up calls, asking, “We’re cool, right?”


But for guys, when watching cum-shot pornography, they too want to see the resolution. They, however, might not want to see a guy jizz all over himself, writhing in pleasure, so they use a girl as a vehicle through which to express their pleasure. It might not be an exact quote from the guy who made me privy to this phenomenon, but a guy does not necessarily want to see a guy elated, disoriented, and unselfconscious, jizzing all over himself. Instead, he expects to see a girl as the recipient of such pleasure. Being rewarded if you want to take it a step further. Or at least incorporated—the object of his pleasure, not a mere vehicle by which to get off. Is this cumming really the incorporation; the tying into intimacy, physical presence, continued interest and reception; wanting it, waiting for it, and anticipating; that which draws the woman back as the focal-point of the experience; that which drags the man out of the vulnerable, depleted state of getting off into the union of post-getting off revelry. In which superior and inferior, in and out, dominant and submissive are irrelevant anymore—(d)evolving into post-orgasmic bliss, grandiosity, and invincibility. 


2) Sexual symbolism.

Cock-smacking a girl, as opposed to cumming on her, is more ridiculous because it is more sexually symbolic. Cock-smacking someone involves content-laden physical activity, whereas cumming on someone is purely consumed in symbolic representations. If you are going to cock-smack a girl, you might as well just smack her. For degradation sake, possibly a cock is above a hand. But in terms of physical content, in terms of the physical manifestations, a hand surely yields a greater sensation. Thus, a cock fills in as a mere symbol of degradation, when sexual experiences should be looked at for what they truly are. Cumming on someone—as symbolically temping as this might be to decipher—has little physical charge. After all, we are washable. Who fucking cares? You mess on me, but do not leave me a mess. This is not like being physically hit where there is a sensation to accompany the dynamic. There is no response to meet the entreaty. This is purely cum—its pure, sexual energy distilled into its representative components. And what you do with it, in what way you choose to interpret and play with it, says more about you than it. Because cum is, quite simply, the product of arousal. It isn’t hitting put into sexually symbolic, cock form. It is cumming experienced publicly, possibly expressed in such a way so that a girl is a recipient of a guy’s orgasm, her system of secondary gains is hooked up. He is the subject and she is the object, but she is not objectified so much as she is a secondary recipient, a vicarious recipient, primed for her receptive duties, which she receives as an extension of her own pleasure, a residual of his. 

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1 Response to Levels of Sexual Abstraction

  1. Plymouth says:

    Cock-smacking as degradation? But… but… it’s the silliest thing ever! Kinda like being hit with a flip-flop. It bounces. My boy’s done that to me a number of times and it generally results in giggles.

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